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About us

The Amsterdam based label MA RE -ams was founded in 2015 .

The KEY VALUES of MA RE-ams include a firm commitment to the use of sustainable materials with 75% of the collection made from recycled and organic materials with MA RE’s aim to use 100% recycled materials in future collections.  

As part of her environmental awareness and dedication, MA RE  is a member of the ocean clean up project www.theoceancleanup.com and part of her revenue is donated to the foundation. 

Additionally MA RE-ams features her own original custom hand made prints - devore.

The MA RE-ams collection exudes sophistication as the key element of style by using exclusive luxurious fabrics and implements precise and exact cutting in order to create a perfect fit.

MA RE-ams moto is, “Self - confidence is the best outfit , Rock it and Own it!”